Getting a Contact Lens Exam

Do the nose marks from wearing eyeglasses bother you? Maybe you don’t like the pressure of the frame on our ears either. If you’re an athlete or someone who lives an active lifestyle, we totally understand why you’re thinking of switching to contact lenses. If you’re done with your glasses fogging up or getting splattered in the rain, you should get a contact lens examination today.


Here’s what you can expect in your appointment:




Thanks to continuous innovations in the vision and eye care industry, contact lenses are becoming more comfortable and accessible. One of the first steps in getting the right pair of contact for you is to consult with an eye doctor. They have to consider your lifestyle and health status as they affect the types of contact lenses that suit you best. Would you prefer daily or monthly disposable lenses? Which is more appealing to you, soft or rigid gas permeable contacts? If you have certain eye conditions, like dry eye syndrome or astigmatism, your doctor will recommend the right type of special lenses. This way, you can have optimal comfort while meeting your unique vision needs.


Contact Lens Fitting


Contact lenses aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution for your eye health and vision correction requirements. Your eye doctor will have to take some measurements to ensure the proper fit of your contact lenses. Contacts that don’t fit right are likely to cause discomfort, fuzzy vision, or worse, eye damage. Your doctor will measure your eyes’ corneal curvature as well as iris or pupil size. They will also perform tear film evaluation. One of the common eye conditions that may affect contact lens wear is dry eye syndrome. Your contacts need to be kept well-hydrated. Otherwise, they’d feel uncomfortable to wear. Your eyes will feel even more irritated. Your doctor will have to ensure that you have adequate tear film to keep your contact lenses lubricated and comfortable to wear.


Trial and Prescription


Once they’ve determined which pair of contact lenses are best suited for your eyes, your doctor will likely have you try on a fresh pair. This way, you can assess its fit and comfort yourself. Your doctor will insert the contacts and have you wear them for between 15 and 20 minutes. They will evaluate its fit, movement, as well as moisture in your eyes. Once they’ve received your confirmation and they can attest that the lenses truly are a good fit, you can finalize and order the lenses. You can expect your eye doctor to provide you with contact lens wear care and hygiene instructions. These include how to insert and remove them carefully. They will also let you know how long you’re supposed to wear them and how to store them properly.


Follow-Up Appointment


After your successful contact lens fitting and you have received your prescriptions, your eye doctor will likely schedule a follow-up visit. This is to check that your new contact lenses fit well, and your eyes are adjusting properly. If you experience dryness or any discomfort in your eyes after wearing them for some time, you should see your eye doctor at once. They may recommend a different pair of lenses or disinfecting solution. They might also ask you to adjust your wearing schedule if needed.


It might take a while for you to get used to wearing contact lenses. But they definitely are worth it.


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