Considering Your Face Shape When Choosing Eye Glass Frames

When it’s time to select a new pair of eyeglasses, it can be challenging to find the frame that feels the best for you. Eyeglass makers have become increasingly aware of their clients’ desire to customize frames and offer a variety of colors, designs, and frame shapes. Understanding more about your face shape and the types of frames that would look best on you can help to reduce the amount of time you spend trying on frames that don’t complement your face shape. Here are a few helpful tips to knowing what will be best for your face shape.

Face Types

While there are thousands of different frame shapes, there are only seven different face shapes.


This face type is as wide is it is long. There are no specific or well-defined angles to this face type. Most people with this facial type look for frames that will elongate their face and draw out their natural features. A good choice is often to select a frame that is angular and narrow. This will also give your face the appearance of being thinner.


If you imagine the shape of a traditional heart, this face shape is easy to identify. The top 1/3 of the face is wider, and the face tapers to a narrow chin. Individuals with this face shape will often seek frames that are wider at the bottom of the lens. This helps to balance the face and give the appearance of a narrower face at the top. Additionally, rimless frames are also a good fit for this face type.

Base Down Triangle

This face type contains wide cheekbones and jaw but is narrow at the forehead. Cat eye type frames are great for this face type, as are frames that are heavier near the eyebrow.


This face type is the rarest. The diamond face is like the base down triangle but differs because it has a narrow chin, thus appearing like a diamond. When selecting eyeglasses, look for oval shaped frames, or frames that have more detail along the brow line.


This face type looks like an oval, but these individuals have a straight cheek line. This face is fuller than it is long. Frame types that add some depth are ideal for this face. To do this, try frames that have decorative pieces along the temples or that have more depth with a reduced width.


Oval faces are the most common face type. They are considered to have balanced proportions so that most frame types will work well. An oval face is longer than it is wide and includes plump cheekbones. Walnut shaped eyeglasses are an ideal choice or frames that are as wide or wider than the broadest part of your face.


These individuals have a broad forehead and jaw that gives the appearance of the face coming having equal and straight sides. These face types usually do well when attempting to soften their features, so eyeglass frames that are narrow or have an oval shape will suit you best.

Additional Tips

Your hair color may play a role in the best frame color for you. Individuals with warm hair colors (brown or black hair) do best when choosing lighter frame colors to add contrast. People that have hair on the lighter end of the spectrum can pick just about any frame color that they would like and may look to other features like eye color or skin tone.

Skin tone has the opposite effect from hair color on the best choices for eyeglass frame color. Those with lighter skin hues do best with similar frame colors, and those with warmer skin tones can pick and choose options that they enjoy the most.

Above all, the choice of a frame is something that you should enjoy yourself. There may be additional factors to consider when choosing the right frame for you. Perhaps the most important factor is your overall happiness and comfort.