What Glasses Look Best for Your Face Shape?

Eyeglasses do not come to mind when most people think of a beautiful look. However, wearing the right glasses can improve your appearance as easily and quickly as swiping on eyeliner. Whether you reach for your eyeglasses on occasion or wear them every day, the frames you choose can determine the way people see you. More importantly, it can dictate how you see yourself. 


What Is Your Face Shape?


Having a general idea of the shape of your face is a good starting point when shopping for frames. Here are the main types:


  • A square face has a wide angular jawline, a wide chin, and a broad forehead

  • An oval face has high and wide cheekbones, a narrow chin and forehead, and a subtly curved jawline

  • A round face has a chin, cheeks, and forehead similar in width and length, with a soft jawline and cheekbones

  • A triangular face has a broad chin and jawline and a narrow forehead

  • A diamond-shaped face has wider cheekbones, full cheeks, and a narrow chin and forehead

  • A heart-shaped face features a prominent cheekbone, a narrow chin, and a broad forehead

The shape of your face is unique to you alone. You will not find a perfectly round, oval, square, or diamond-shaped face. Your face is a combination of shapes. That is great because different eyeglass styles can enhance your appearance. 


Choosing the Right Glasses for Your Face Shape


To figure out your face shape, study your forehead, cheekbones, chin, and jawline. Once you have a good idea, look for frames that fit your face. You can even make unique style rules to highlight your personality.


Frames for Square Faces


Choose frames that will soften your facial angles. Stylists recommend thinner and more circular or curved glasses. The classic cat-eye frames are another excellent choice for those with square faces.


Frames for Round Faces


Consider clear frames that let your personality and natural beauty shine through without adding too many distractions. Choose bold and angular frames with clean lines to add definition to your face. Upswept glasses with cat-eye frames can also accentuate your eyes.


Frames for Heart-shaped Faces


Consider playing with opposites. Look for glasses with rounded bases and wide or winged-out frames that protrude slightly wider than your forehead to complement and balance your facial features. 


Frames for Triangular Faces


Experiment with opposites by mixing angular and round shapes to add contrast and compliment your facial features. 


Frames for Oval Faces


Choose frames that will add angles and emphasize the subtle curves of your face. Go for wide frames that will add some contrast to your facial features.


Glasses for Diamond-shaped Faces


The best frames for this type of face draw attention to the eyes and bring a softer contrast to angular facial features. Look for curved edges with delicate lines.




Factors like frame style, color, and shape can alter your aesthetic. So, it would help if you considered them when picking a pair of glasses. It would help to have a good idea of what you are going for to simplify your choice process.

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